What LAfreestore  is all about...

The LAfreestore is a place where people can give and swap by donating and taking. Yes taking. We can take what we need. We give what we cannot use. Give freely. Take without guilt. Share with your neighbor. Simple.

At the LAfreestore we share goods for goods, goods for services, or smiles for smiles. We give to  those who may simply need a new sweater or jacket because they are cold or share our bountiful vegetables from our garden because it is a nice thing to do.

The L.A. Free Store's concepts are:

Rotation of goods, services, foods, skills, thoughts, handshakes and hugs, smiles, coffee, or even simple hello's!  Rotation of an open door, people coming, people going, and people who want to stay a while.  Rotation of volunteers who are interested in helping people who need it.  Rotation of EVERYTHING. Time. Things. Of yourself.

In essence, to build community and to provide an alternative to mainstream capitalism.  This requires Volunteerism. Friendships. Swapping. Donations. Giving. Sharing. And lots of smiles!

If you are interested in:

Donating materials goods like clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, books, magazines, working bicycles or skateboards, bandannas, CD's, records. Or perhaps your recycling goods that you haven't turned in...someone else would be happy to do it! You could also donate the "leftovers" from your yard sale!

Donating your time or service such as gardening, tree trimming, hair cuts, dentistry, legal representation, healing (example: reiki), accounting services, auto mechanics, babysitting, transportation, help with tax forms, computer maintenance, bicycle repairs, cleaning assistance, or perhaps you could simply read a book to someone in their home. You could give the services directly at the event, provide coupons, or simply trade information with a fellow community member.

Donating food - food from the pantry that can be stored, fresh produce or cooked food.

Donating your self (no, not a typo... donate of the Self) - be present to show people that you care.

These are the things that the LAfreestore will strive to do. We can take another step toward sustainability and eliminate a portion of our waste stream by sharing. We can be economically sustainable by providing an alternative means to obtaining goods.  In giving of your time and self, you help your community in becoming socially sustainable.

The first free store is planned to be in the NELA area - Highland Park/Eagle Rock, so spread the word and come see for yourself how contagious and fun sustainability is.

LAfreestore: Building Community. Evoking social sustainability by gift giving to others who need it. Promoting environmental ideals through reuse. Creating alternatives to mainstream capitalism through free goods, services, and trade.

This is a community exchange- LAfreestore is simply a means to organize such exchange. We are not a licensed non-profit and your donations are not tax deductible, but there is no monetary exchange of any sort; it is an event to share and give amongst like-minded individuals who can join together to create community in the city. And of course, all of the trades will be very much appreciated by the person who is need of your gift of goods and/or service.

If you have a question, comment, or are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below or at lafreestore@gmail.com. 

We are on facebook too! Click here: http://goo.gl/Lrof

in short:

  2. Give some of your stuff
  3. Take some stuff
  4. Learn some stuff
  5. Meet people who like what you like
  6. Trade services/Time bank with someone.
  7. Share food
  8. Hear some music
  9. Meet awesome people
  10. Smile!
Jaxon, we thank you for sharing your art with the LAfreestore.


Thank you be to The Diggers of NYC: http://www.diggers.org/free_store1.htm